Me, starting a blog: I’m not going to get political.

Me, five seconds after seeing a young author’s life ruined: Moon gulags are too good for these people, and a waste of perfectly good delta-v. Where is Grand Inquisitor Thiel? I want to join Emperor Elon I’s Holy Inquisition.

I know that Ms. Amélie Wen Zhao does not share my politics. I’m fairly certain that a month ago she would have had no qualms about joining a similar mob, should one have been directed against me. I hope that she’s reconsidering the wisdom of joining the baying horde right now. This post isn’t really about her, it’s about the people who should have had her back.

Regardless of Ms Zhao’s (rather odious) personal politics, where was her agent? Her publisher? What, exactly, did she get for selling her book to Delacorte? Ok, $500,000, but besides that? If an agent and publisher are willing to let a half million dollar investment twist in the wind, why would anyone want to work with them? They failed an author whose book they bought in a hard fought auction, I guarentee that their slush pile gets far less attention.

So much for the masses of professionally offended sensitivity readers. The layers upon layers of politically correct editors clearly didn’t see this coming. No one in marketing was ready to step up and push back. So, Delacorte, what would you say that you do here? Because arranging shipping to Barnes and Noble is becoming less valuable by the week.

I suspect that Delacorte failed to protect their author because at heart they are with the mob. No one at Delacorte was offended, until a designated victim told them that they should be. Then, they had a duty to rend their garments and denounce the badthinker. OF COURSE there is only one group who gets to have an opinion on slavery (and it’s not the young woman writing about what’s happening in her homeland today). The power to wield the “Racism” curse carries with it a horrible obligation to use the curse to make occasional ritual sacrifices. The high priests of YA at Delacorte would rather lose a promising young author than lose the power to pronounce that blackest of curses.

Personally, I’ll be using the Conan method for dealing with evil cults. They all seem to fold if you hit back hard enough.

2 thoughts on “Hate Mobs of Sensitivity Readers

  1. Great article. I agree; the politically correct witchhunts are out of control. These people are offended by reality. Depicting slavery in a novel is not endorsing slavery. How hard is this to understand?

    ‘Conan method’ thats awesome.

    Its time to start pushing back against these cry bullies.

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