So about that tab, “Music for the End of the World…”

My work in progress is heavily influenced by the music I listen to while I write. One of the underlying themes is also the power and purpose of music in our lives and culture; how we use it to express and amplify our moods both by ourselves and together. Music has the power to alter our entire perception of what we are seeing. If you don’t believe me, watch your favorite movie climax with a swelling, epic theme. Then, put the sound on mute, and watch it again with “Yakety Sax.” Completely kills the power of the scene, doesn’t it? Imagine you’re at a military funeral, and instead of “Taps,” the bugler loses his mind and starts playing the opening solo from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” He would probably get about four notes in before someone tackled him.

With that in mind, I’ll be starting Spotify playlists tied into what I’m writing: The road trip mix tape left behind in the trunk of Victor’s Olds 442, the songs sung by soldiers to pass the time on a long convoy, a young man’s exploration of the songs that were censored by the regime he’s fleeing, even the dog’s favorite tunes. Nothing as ambitious as Stephenson’s Anathem soundtrack, but nonetheless I hope it helps to add some depth and richness to the world I’m creating.

At worst, maybe you’ll discover some killer tunes you hadn’t heard.

Links to the Spotify lists, and occasional longer musings on why I’ve chosen particular songs, will be in the tab “Music for the End of the World” once I get the account up and running.

“My my, hey hey. Rock and roll is here to stay. It’s better to burn out than to fade away. My my, hey hey.” – Neil Young, “My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)”

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