First, I’d like to refer you to some background by Jon Del Arroz (@jondelarroz on Twitter):

My sympathies are entirely with 20BooksTo50K. I don’t aspire to their volume, but I may still create a Facebook presence to network with people who are just interested in writing books that people want to read. Maybe not, Facebook is worse than an HIV infected malignant tumor.

Now, here’s what I’d like indie authors to do about it: nothing.


What are traditional publishers going to do to you? Not invite you to their shitty award show? Print another anthology of masturbatory navel-gazing shorts to compete with you?

Worry about indie issues: Amazon algo shenanigans, Indiegogo payouts, Patreon takedowns, etc. Things that affect your sales and your book. Tor does not affect your sales anymore. Hell, being hate mobbed by their sycophants is a mark of quality these days.

Go do your thing. Let TradPub die. Henry Ford didn’t have to waste his time worrying about stagecoach builder politics, and you don’t need to get between a dying industry and the woodchipper they are feeding themselves into.

“Pillage the village, trash the scene
But better not take it out on me
‘Cause a ghost town is found
Where your city used to be
So out of the darkness and into the light
Sparks fly everywhere in sight
From my double barrel, 12 gauge
Can’t lock me in your cage”

– Pantera, “Cowboys from Hell”

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